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About the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Fight for Life Team

Traumatic Brain Injury Fight for Life Team is a not-for-profit organization that was formed in response to a near fatal accident that caused Traumatic Brain Injury to a local man. His family responded to this experience and the extensive journey of healing by dedicating their efforts to help other families in similar situations.


The organization began in September 2019, raising TBI awareness and offering monetary assistance to victims and their families to help cover medical and travel costs.


"We have met many TBI victims and their families, and there is common issue we all share: not enough resources and not enough awareness. Our non-profit organization exists to help make the necessary changes, offer education, financial support, mentor families to better understand the journey, and be the change in the Traumatic Brain Injury journey. We got together, made a commitment, and our team is on a mission." explains founder April Lackowski-Postel. "We are proud to have built a solid reputation based on the generous and outstanding support from our community since we began helping families."

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