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                                     FOOD AND DRINK VENDORS 


We will have thirsty music lovers, and hungry mouths to feed, so if you are a food vendor with yummy edibles for our crowd, come join us in New London. Fill out the application and send it along with your payment. We are also looking for non-alcoholic drinks to add that are different from our sponsored beer and soda companies like coffee, tea, kombacha, smoothies, fresh juices etc. Serve it up!!


                                               VENDOR APPLICATION - FOOD & NON- ALCOHOLIC

                        ARTS AND GOODS VENDORS

We would love to make our festival a richer and more fun event by having vendors selling their wares throughout the day. If you sell or make something that you would like to show off at the festival, fill out the application and send it to us. We are especially interested in natural, organic and peace-promoting partners. 


                                     VENDOR APPLICATION - ARTS, CRAFT & GOODS

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